Purpose of this Non-profit Corporation
Chaplain Russell C. Lambert,
Life Passage Ministries
From the cradle to the grave preparing for eternity
Psalm 22:9                                             Psalm 49:15
We strive to help families, adults, teens, children
and churches reach their potential in their
relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
Chaplain Lambert is available
for Church Consulting and
Coaching, Church Growth
Seminars, Evangelistic
Outreach, and Christian
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I suppose that Life Passage Ministries is a little different, in that it is not a compartmentalized non-profit
corporation. Just as there are stages in the Christian's life, new birth, growth, and maturity; so it is with a
Life Passage Ministries was founded by President Russell C. Lambert and Secretary Bonnie Lambert under
the leading of the Holy Spirit.
We look at the spiritual stages of individual Christians and individual congregations. You would not treat
babies, adolescents, adults and seniors the same in the natural; why would you do so in the spiritual?
Nor should we address concerns in churches, that are at different stages in their ministry, the same way.
Add to all this, different congregations, just like the people they are made up of have different backgrounds,
talents, gifts and aspirations.
It is our philosophy to work within the basic Biblical principals of what a Church and an individual Christian
should be, while at the same time not forcing them in to some preconceived denominational mold.
My desire is to try to assist your congregation to be the best it can be at the point it is at, and with moving
forward into the future.

Chaplain Russell C. Lambert, President
The purpose of this non-profit corporation shall be to carry out the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus
Christ as recorded in Matthew 28:19-20, Mark 16:15 and Acts 1:8.
We understand the scripture references to mean that it is this corporation's obligation to proselytize, and to
develop Christian fellowship among the saints and their growth in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ,
as presented in the Holy Scriptures commonly known as the Holy Bible.
Our purpose also includes teaching, preaching and promoting the sanctity of human life from conception until
natural death, and that marriage is a Biblical institution between one man and one woman established by God
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as clearly described in the Holy Scriptures.